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Apr 25, 2008
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From JAMA:

In 2014, the Step 3 examination will be divided into 2 separate examinations organized around competencies. Examinees can choose to take the examinations on back-to-back days, as they do now, or take the examinations separated by a set period, yet to be determined. Initially there will be 1 score and 1 pass/fail decision. Future plans will likely include 2 or more separate scores and separate pass/fail requirements once evidence demonstrates that separate scores are a valid representation of important competencies and that adequate measurement accuracy (reliability) can be achieved.

Does anyone have any idea when in 2014 these Step 3 changes are going to be taking effect? They sound like an emphasis on even more BS.


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Nov 8, 2013
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it already took place .. every step 3 administered after nov. 1st 2013 is affected by the changed guidelines