Jan 4, 2014
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
Please I'm in a community college studying biology. i intend to transfer to a pharmacy school but i don't know the best way to go about it.


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Jan 7, 2013
Northern California
I did it. First you need to find colleges that do not require Bachelor's Degrees. Look at their pre-reqs and make sure your school offers them all, or that you can complete them all in nearby schools. If a Pharm school doesn't require a Bachelor's, but does require something like Biochemistry, then you probably wont be able to get into that school either. As Biochem is mostly a university course.

The rest is all about extra-circulars and really good grades. I was a student body senator one year, and student body president the next. I pretty much got straight A's all the way through school too. I even went beyond what the Pharm School required just to be safe, and prove I was smart. For instance, my school required one semester of calculus and I took both semesters and got an A in both. Maybe they didn't look at that, maybe they did. But I know one thing, it didn't hurt me.

You really need to stand out coming from a CC without a degree. I was in the military before going to CC, so I really showed that off as why I felt going to a University wasn't necessarily required. I also volunteered at a Pharmacy to get my hours. Highlighting that I didn't need to get paid to invest my time into something I felt was worth it.

Above all, I think biggest thing is GPA. People will say that isn't the sole factor, but I know it matters to these schools. They love inflated stats. Get amazing grades while taking a full load (17 semester units). It sucks, and it is hard, but it is totally worth skipping two years of university to fast track your way to a career.


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Feb 2, 2013
I did it also. I replaced the 2 years needed for a Bachelors with 2 years experience working as a pharmacy assistant. My grades and PCAT scores were not the best but they were somewhat competitive. There are good schools that do not require a bachelors such as UW and WSU where I applied.