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Jan 19, 2005
Hi guys,
hope you're all studying well. I wanted to throw in a question that some of us have with respect to taking practice tests in biology or physical sciences. What strategy or plan do you guys use when doig the passages? do you underloine key words, try to read fast and what do you do about the details and the graph questions? it will be a great help for us all to get in input from all of us April MCATers out there


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Feb 12, 2004
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by no means am i an expert with a 29... but hey, i got in. hahah.... sooooooooooo..... what i did was that i didn't read the passage at first. i tried to skim over the questions and familiarize myself with what they were asking. then i answered as many questions i could without looking at the passage. and then i went back to the passage and found the answers... it worked for me. u just gotta find ur best method.


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Feb 17, 2004
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I basically skim the bio passages, because it recapitulates a lot of what you should already know. I jot down any main points that the paragraph is trying to make, and then I go straight to the question stems. A lot of them rely on outside knowledge, and you rarely have to flip back.

For the orgo ones, I try to draw out any compounds they're talking about, maybe even push a few electrons for the reaction mechanisms. For instance, if it's talking about electrophilic aromatic substition, I would begin to think about if the substituents would be placed ortho/para or meta, and why.