Stress Interviews

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Oct 26, 2008
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How do you think one should go about dealing with a stress interview?

I know staying calm is key but how should you go about it.
Do you "push" back? For example, say your interviewer says- i dont think you stand a chance here. my instinct would be to respond "then why do you think i got an interview here?" but that can totally come off rude. You clearly need to disagree with them but how do you go about it

any positive or negative experiences/thoughts?


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Stick to your guns! If they say something mean, counter with a nice, tactful positive about how you feel that you ARE a good fit. If they ask you about government policy and then tell you that your thoughts have no validity, ask them why they think that is and respond to their argument. Don't be argumentative. Be calm and firm. Or, as in the Dog Whisperer, exude calm assertive energy. They can smell fear.