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Oct 26, 2008
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I am so freakin stressed out. I am applying for fall 09 but its just so stressful.. i get stress headaches like every day and have like meltdowns once a week .. my gpa is a 2.7 .. i really wanna get into pharm school and today someone frm lecom emailed me saying i prlly wont get in anywhere but i should still apply .. when i read that message i started having a meltdown..i have a lot of extracirriculars as well as pharm related experience and i also have like volunteer experience..i wanted to go to umd bcuz its in state which would mean cheaper tutiion but my dream school is campbell uni in NC .. i would love to go there..i still cant believe she said i wont get in anywhere that im not comepetetive enough and i should just continue taking classes freakin rude .. and lecoms minimum gpa requirement is a freakin 2.7 . hello i freakin qualify for ur stupid school... ugh idk wht to do and stupid VCU cousnelor pple are so freakin RUUUUUDE! ok im done venting...pray for me pple ! i want this more than anything in the world..i would do anything to get in .. esp to campbell uni...

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Do you really want to try and get in with the minimum GPA? Why not try to bring your grades up...

And I'm not one to call people out on grammar/spelling, but damn...
Well, here's how I think of it. At least you gave it a try. Now, you're familiar with the application process and it'll come easier next time around. Just retake classes to improve your gpa. However, if you really want to get in this year, maybe you should consider applying to the newer schools, the ones that are not yet accredited. Just do some research before u submit your application though to make sure it's a legit school. Good luck. :luck:
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honestly, i just wanna get in and if its with the minimum requirements then so be it. i have repeated the classes i did bad in and i am trying really hard .. and yeah my grammaer sucks right now cuz um yeh this is online .. obviously if i was writing to a professional i wouldnt write like this ;) . but like i said im trying really retaking the pcat in january so hopefully i'll get in somehwere..hopefully i'll be a campbell university c/o 13 grad!
thank u so much coffee dose and yep thas wht i was doing .. applying to the newer schools .. i think i actually got that idea frm one of these forums..but i reallllly love campbell university !
Don't give up. If you want it badly enough, you will make it.
Futurepharmer13, don't give up hope. Your gpa is kind of low, but just go ahead and take a shot in the dark, and who knows you may get an interview and get accepted. I am applying to Campbell also, and they really stress accepting well-rounded it seems that you have lots of extracurriculars and experience so hopefully they will look at that.
The people who get in with a low gpa aren't just lucky, they must have done something phenomenal in some other category and also probably have a pretty decent PCAT score.

It takes alot to off set a low gpa, just sayin.
GPA isn't everything. How'd you do on your PCAT and other areas? Also, you need to start thinking and writing like a professional student. It's a whole package they are looking for.
Hey guys ! Thank you so much for all of your advice. I understand my GPA isn't too great, but I want this more than anything in the world. And I'm sorry about my grammer. I only write like this online cuz its online and all...but I will start writing more like a pharmacy student I guess *even online* I want to go to Campbell University more than anything so hopefully I will get in. Plus, Einstein got bad grades in school and he turned out to be a genious *I am not calling myself a genious, I'm just saying*
I hate to be a party pooper, but pharmacy school only gets more stressful from undergrad on out. Just realize what you'd be getting yourself into - there are plenty of panic days for me and I really really miss being young and ignorant again.
Good luck to you. If you have something else that stands out you might have a shot. This is actually my second time around applying. I went through this whole process 4 years ago and never got in anywhere. After that, I took some time off from applying, got a master's and even more pharmacy experience and FINALLY got an interview this time! Most everyone that applies wants to get in really badly; there will always be disappointed applicants (boy was I there 4 yrs ago!) My point is, even if it doesn't work out for you, you never know what lies ahead. Best lesson I learned then, always have a plan B regardless how good your chances are!
I'm in the same situation as you. Didn't do as well in my undergrad so my gpa is on the low end and coming back to school after awhile takes getting used to :O. Just go for it. You never know what'll happen. I'm kind of stressed too but hoping for the best. Like you, this is what I really want to do. :)

Definitely, register asap for the Jan PCAT. It is true that a number of schools have a cutoff for October but there are some schools that will accept the Jan PCAT scores.

Good luck!
It is not impossible to get in with that GPA - but the people that do are the exception - not the rule.

First things first - relax... Neither school nor life is a race - you are not in competition with anyone but yourself. If you really desire to get into pharmacy school - you can.

Now, for a bit of the real world - Whatever you have been doing to earn yourself a 2.7 GPA needs to be fixed. Have you done that? Next, what are we doing with the 2.7 we already have? That should be your next question.

Forget about Fall 09 - the date doesn't matter - its becoming a Pharm D. that does right? So do what you have to do right now to make yourself an outstanding applicant. Shed your fear of what family / friends will say about what your doing - follow your gut and make some right decions for you.

Hey futurepharmer13, Campbell is probably my number one choice right now too. Don't give up. My GPA isn't exactly exceptional either and as much as I'd hate to admit it this might not be the year I get in either. I just got an email from Campbell saying that my application was completed and I'd know by the end of January about my status. Hopefully, it'll be an interview. If Campbell is your first choice, have you thought about their dual programs? I was told by a pharmacist who graduated from there that if you are part of one of their masters (MSCR, MPS) they will consider you during the review process. Just a thought, since I've thought about doing it myself next Fall 09 if I don't get in.
i don't understand why people say "I JUST WANT TO GET IN."

Hello! There's a reason why the stats are so high, you need to be doing well in your UNDERGRAD to be able to do well in the GRADUATE LEVEL courses ahead. I.E. biochemistry/physiolog etc. You're going to deal with peoples lives here this is important stuff.

Now, sure, some stupid ppl have made it in, but guess what, I as a tech, notice how stupid they are while working. Mainly because they answer each question with a, "um.....and you take psuedaphed for wat?" :scared:
by the way, if you want to get in to pharm school, you'd better start hauling ass. :thumbup:
If the OP wanted to get into pharmacy school, then why do you have a 2.7 gpa? You can be the most determined person on earth, you can hope and dream all you want, but in the end, you need some kind of evidence to present to the adcom that you really are this so called "determine individual". Your extracurriculars don't mean much, being a technician doesn't translate into being a good pharmacist, nor will it make you a successful pharmd student. You can be great at customer service, but if you can't remember every known biochem pathway, or neurophysiological pathways, then you won't make it into your p2 year.

Now I'm not saying you won't get in with a 2.7 gpa, but you have to realize who you are competing with. There are students who want in just as bad as you, who have better stats than you....why should they choose you over them? Give me one good reason, that I will not only overlook your gpa, but overlook everyone else's stats.

Apply this year, and see what happens, but prepare to retake classes so you can increase your gpa, so you will have something "on paper" to show to the adcoms.

Btw, there is nothing rude about someone being realistic with you. You can take the advice that admin gave you, and moan/whine all day long, or you can do something about it. I rather have someone tell me how the world really is, which will give me an idea of what I have to do in order to "attend my dream school", than live in a fantasy land of "hopes and dreams".

Take what I said with a grain of salt....take it or leave it, it really is up to you.

p.s. there are people who shouldn't be at our school, who have remediated every test, who've dropped out, who have no idea what they are doing, or what they are studying. This is the reason why schools don't accept everyone, and why schools put a big emphasis on gpa. After all, if a p1 drops out, the school loses ALOT of money, and the dropout will OWE ALOT of money. Schools don't put requirements up just for kicks n giggles.
MrBlah, do you feel that USN takes care of you, or are you a number to them? I'm just wondering how students feel at different institutions.
MrBlah, do you feel that USN takes care of you, or are you a number to them? I'm just wondering how students feel at different institutions.

USN is really small, and there is a small minority that are struggling, but most are doing fine. I've never felt like being treated like a number, but there are days I wish I were somewhere else. THe 90% pass/no pass and accelerated courseload takes its toll on you. However, my classmates, the majority of the faculty, the facilities, and the location more than makes up for the negatives.