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Sep 1, 2003
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Hi everybody, I recently posted a message about this problem but wanted to list some possible solutions and get some opinions. The message I posted before concerned me choosing a major. At the moment, I'm English/Pre-Med but don't know if I should stick with this route because of the difficulty I will have finishing this degree within the fours years that I planned to because I will be transferring from a CC to a senior university. I was thinking about changing my major to biology/pre-med so that I could be finished in four years without going to school during the summer. Here are some of the solutions I have been thinking about.

1. Changing to Biology/pre-med so I won't have to go to summer school and still be finished in four years.

2. Sticking with English and taking more than 19 hours a semester so I can graduate in four years without going to summer school.

3. Sticking with English and going to summer school and graduate in four years.

4. Sticking with English but do a professional post-bac for pre-med requirements.

5. Sticking with English and taking an extra year or so to graduate.

The reason I don't want to go to summer school is that I want to use the summer for research or something of that nature. Any advise would be helpful. Thanks.


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Jan 5, 2004
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it's much easier to do bio only. maybe you could pick up a minor later if you have the extra time. if not, just focus your electives in a single area in the social sciences or humanities.

also, to show med schools that you have an interest in society, commit yourself to some organization or volunteering program. if you show leadership and committment to certain causes then that may more than make up for any loss in not taking those extra classes.


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Jan 25, 2004
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Do the bio. No sense in prolonging the agony, which is the impression I got from your description of your alternate options.

BUT I am taking an extra year to graduate. I just wasn't ready at the time, and it was a good decision for me. I felt rushed, and wanted to slow things down and work on the strength of my application. I probably wouldn't have been accepted if I had just tried to finish school for the sake of getting through it asap.

Like I said first though. Don't make yourself miseable. Make a choice you can/will be happy with.
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