Oct 20, 2010
I am realizing I am rather weak on questions regarding structural organic and biochemistry.

IE: What is the different between a reducing sugar and nonreducing sugar. What is an aldose/ketose and a furanose/pyranose. Alpha and Beta bond configurations.

My organic teacher for all I can remember never went into structures and I took a human biochemistry course and we never looked at anything but normal human structural configurations for biochemicals.

Can anybody direct me to a resource that consolidates the structural organic and bio chemistry material that one should understand for the MCAT?

I am under the impression I do not need to memroize the structures of carbohydrates (with the exception of it not hurting to memorize glucose) but what do I need to understand and know regarding the differences between these sugars and other biochemicals.

Bond configurations? Anomeric carbon (something I had to look up).

Honestly the whole thing (IE BR Bio Chapter # 6 Passage #12) first 4 questions *73-76) and a few other questions later regarding actual structure of biochemicals in passages are really throwing me.

Any suggestions as to a resource of consolidated "things" that I just need to sit down and "get".

It's a major weak spot for me, and know it will come up later in the review of the chapter material, but I feel I should go over it now, to get a simple "foundation" prior to hitting the strategy and BR coverage of these topics.

Even if you can't offer a source. Maybe just a list of terms that would get me started.