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Nov 11, 2010
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I know this isn't traditionally a place to post this sort of question, but I thought students might be able to help me out with my problem, as I think students can be more creative problem solvers then actual professionals.

I need help dealing with a horrific ear pressure problem.

Over a year ago, at 17, I had a cosmetic rhinoplasty

Since then I've experienced a horrible sensation of ear pressure. The pressure is of equal intensity in both ears.

I had a corrective rhinoplasty surgery in an attempt to correct the pressure. The supposition behind this surgery was based in that my obstructed nasal passages were promoting Eustachian tube dysfunction.

My air passages were improved, my breathing improved amazingly.

My ears improved a little, but not much. It appears my ear pressure problem was aggravated by my breathing deficiency, but not caused by it.

Now the follow up theory B is that my Eustachian tube function was physically damaged by the rhinoplasty in some way by disturbing something in the naseopharnx area.

Apparently, there are nerves and muscles that are located in the nasopharynx area that control the Eustachian tubes. Like these:

What exactly in the nasopharynx could have been nicked, cut, or disturbed so that I would have a feeling of equal pressure in both ears?

I'm just trying to get differing insights and leads here on a hard to treat indefinitely diagnosable disability. I know you can't say anything with certainty.

Also, does anyone here know of any specific clinic that deal in hard to treat Eustachian tube dysfunction, perhaps specifically ETD related to physical trauma of the nose?

thank you for your time!!!!!


John William Waterhouse
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Jan 9, 2006
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