Nov 29, 2019
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Hello! I have been planning out my schedule and I was wondering when a good time to study abroad will be. Obviously with corona rampant now, I was hoping to study abroad my senior year (in fall 2021- spring 2022). That being said, I plan on applying to medical school the summer before my senior year and hope to be done with secondaries and everything by august/september (i think that's how it works I'm not sure). I was just wondering when interviews are? Would they be during fall semester or spring? I didn't want to study abroad when interviews would be.


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Jun 22, 2018
Honestly, I wouldn't recommend studying abroad at all during your senior year if you plan on applying the summer before it. You pretty much have equal likelihood of getting interviews in the fall (Sep-Dec) vs in the spring (Jan-Mar), and so it's not a good idea to be out of the country.

That said, if you're going to do one, my guess is that fall would be best bc if you get an II, you can request to push it to spring whereas if you're gone in the spring and you get an II in january, there aren't any options for you.
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