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Jul 13, 2009
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i received my cpje score yesterday and i failed:confused:. can any one give some suggestions as to what materials should i based on? i used APHA but did not do a thorough job.
thank you very much in advance.

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Keep your head up and hang in there. The CPJE is pretty difficult and the pass rate is low. I know a couple of ppl who just found out they failed. You are not alone.
I am using an excellent material for CPJE. Please email the author at [email protected] for inquiries and cost. This author did a great job compiling all important information for the study of CPJE or even NAPLEX if your goal is to get licensed in California. His material is very detail-oriented and presented in a chart-like format. Easy to read and memorize. He even put some mnemonics to the hard stuff for easy recall of the topic. If you are interested send him an email. Just want to share this information to this group. I won't be able to answer questions right away, because I just started my new job. Goodluck to CPJE takers.
Anyone have experience using the Morris Cody notes for the CPJE? I talked to Morris Cody personally and he seems confident that these materials are all you need to pass. He also boasts a really high pass rate for students that have used his materials. Any thoughts?
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I'm using Rxprep & Dr. Fred Weisman's law book to study for CPJE. Rxprep is very clinical and that is what you'll have to know for the CPJE since most of the exam is clinical. Rxprep contains charts and lots of patient counseling points that are very good to know.

I have heard that Morris Cody's study materials are dated but have never personally used it myself. Good luck to those who are taking the boards! I'll be taking mine next week *eeks*
mssg to dai8tsy22:

so, how was the exam? did ur reading materials, Rxprep and law book of Weismann helped? I'm asking because I took the exams and failed. I am a foreign graduate and I really need to know what books would help me pass the exam specially the pharmacy part. I bought the Morris cody books but was not able to read it coz I enrolled in the passnaplex review and concentrated on their materials. Anyone of you out there who more or less have the same experience, and has already passed, please let me know what reference books you've read. Its kind of depressing coz it was my third try already.
To phelpls:

Yes, I think the review materials I used helped alot but I haven't received my results back yet. CPJE was hard and had lots of random questions, esp patient based. NAPLEX however was more RANDOM than any other test I've taken. I will let you know if I passed
thank you and I agree with you that the CPJE is harder than NAPLEX. GOOD LUCK!
btw, are you willing to sell your review materials? am interested.
I would have to disagree, the naplex is definetly much more dificult than the cpje. I took both exams last week.
I would have to disagree, the naplex is definetly much more dificult than the cpje. I took both exams last week.

Have you received your CPJE results? I thought I did well too but I failed the first time I took it.
After 2 attemps, I finally passed the CPJE! Amazing and so relieve. Thank you SDN!
In retrospective, you really need one main source for law and a coupe for clinical. You should use supplement materials to support your main sources. Look up information when you are not sure. There is no easy way. I invested a lot of time (and stress) the first time I took it and that didnt work out too well. I failed not because I didnt put in the effort. The second time, I also invested a lot of time but I also got good study materials. Now, I can officially work as a rph and start to pay back my investment. It is exciting to know that I have finally made it!
What materials did you use the second time around?
Would appreciate any other advice. thanks.
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BME103, congratulations!!! Did you have a lot of law questions on the second attempt? Do you mind sharing with us? I am not asking for specific questions. Please tell us what you think are important. Thanks.