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Hello all,

Just got signed up for TPR review course that runs from 5/30-7/31 Monday-Thursday 12-3pm. I will be studying full time with MCAT being my only focus so here is my schedule so far.

Monday-Thursday consists of 7am-11:30am preparing for that days lecture/reviewing or catch up from day before.

4-5:30 pm consists of reviewing any lecture material that I need more work on and completing the post module homework.

Friday: 7-11:30 am AAMC material practice
1-5pm catch-up on module material/start next week's module

Saturday: CARS accelerator course: 9-11:30am.
1-4:30pm consists of more practice and necessary review

Sunday: no MCAT prep whatsoever.

Would love for some specific changes or overall tweaks so that I am being as efficient and effective as possible.

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