Study Schedule for Step - Looking for some advice

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Hey everyone!

So I just took NBME 20 last week (provided by my school) and I was pleasantly surprised by my grade (215). The reason I was surprised is that I have done virtually no review to date, although I have taken every block very seriously so far, scoring in the top 10 percent or of my class on most exams. I am a bit old school in my study style and outside of lecture material, I have really only used Kaplan and Rx Qbanks and some miscellaneous texts including Rubins and Robbins from time to time. I do not use Anki, Zanki, Bros or any of those decks and have not really looked at First Aid although I do have a copy. For the Kaplan and Rx banks, I have done all the questions for both while in the block that pertains to organ system.

All that being said, I was wondering how to approach the upcoming months. I am hoping to score 250+ but would be satisfied with a 245 or above. My intensive starts at the beginning of may and my test date is at the end of June, which gives me 7-8 weeks. Prior to intensive, I would really like to give FA a full pass, try to watch most or all of the sketchy micro videos since ID was my weakest area on NBME, with the exception of Neuro (which we haven't taken yet so I'm not too worried), and finish up most of what I have remaining in Rx and Kaplan. For intensive, I planned on basically just doing UWorld everyday and repeating my incorrects after a first pass and brushing up on my weak areas with FA.

What do you all think of this? I am just a little worried about getting complacent and not doing enough as my motivation to study has been slowly dwindling. I just don't want to burn myself out by the time intensive comes. Thanks for the help!

Please no snarky comments. No one needs that ish.

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Nov 21, 2019
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I’d move this to the medical student forum, not the pre-med forum
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