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  1. OMSRealWeebHours

    Best Resources Specifically for Step 1?

    I hear that the Zanki deck is the best Anki deck, and UWorld + FA are good for high yield content and review. But using 3 separate resources seems like it might be verging on resource fatigue (4+ is definitely a no for me). Are these actually the best resources, can I thin it down even more...
  2. dlrs123

    Any way to see school specific Step 1 pass rates?

    Hi! I’m trying to choose between 2 schools (SJB SOM and UCC SOM in PR), and a really important factor that I’m taking into account to make my decisions is Step on pass rates. Both schools have info about this on their websites, however, one of the schools doesn’t have the updated 2023 info up...
  3. T

    Taking step 1 after IM rotations. Any advice helps!

    Hello future (and current) doctors! I am in a bit of a dilemma. My IM rotation is starting end of September and it is my first rotation. I have been studying for Step 1 but my scores are not too good, so I don't want to rush it and risk failing. I am very solid on biochem, immuno, heme, pharm &...
  4. C

    Should I start Anking as a rising M2??

    I did very mediocre my first year (lots of C's) and I'm realizing I didn't retain much. Is it worth starting Anking now??? Or is too late? I'm looking at the number of cards there are (over 40k) and I have no idea how I'm going to all of this in and finish by like April of next year. Are there...
  5. Coogsandstros


  6. H

    At a Crossroads: transfer to Masters, just finish the MD, or grind it out?

    I recently finished 2nd year but did not pass Step 1 due to lack of motivation and inadequate prep. So currently, I'm considering three possibilities (kind of raked in the order of interest): Transfer my credits to a Masters in Basic Medical Sciences and complete a Capstone project that could...
  7. S

    Scored sub 160 range (162-163) on Step. 3 days before 69% on Free 120 timed.

    Hey everyone. I got this score back. It doesnt make any sense to me. The exam i felt was fair, i checked answers after - yes there was some i got wrong but there was more right than wrong. 3 days prior to sitting, i free 120 timed (old) and scored 68.5%. I felt there was some issue with...
  8. Lugh

    Take Step 1? I probably know the answer…

    My school straight up told us it is pointless to take Step 1. They said that only Level 1 is necessary and that only ~6% of the past few classes took Step 1. Now, I want to do FM so I know I’m not going into a very competitive specialty but if I want to try to get into a good program in a metro...
  9. glutamate

    USMLE [NOW POSTPONED] Dear SDN, I test in <2 days. Please come give me your take on whether I should postpone.

    EDIT: POSTPONED TO AUGUST 11TH. I'll keep this information up for at least a bit; DM's are welcome! a deleted (?) reply asked how I spent a whole year studying -- after finishing second year in 2020, I was going back to my PhD instead of clinic. When I wasn't ready to take it by the fall, I...
  10. F

    WAMC anesthesia residency

    Hey everyone! I'm just seeking some advice. I am a 3rd year DO student interested in anesthesia! Below is a little but more about me and my stats. I'm from Florida and will love to end up there for residency but I will settle with anything on the east coast. I will still be applying broadly...
  11. P

    DO Student Applying Ortho vs. PM&R with Average Step Score

    Hi everyone, I'm a 3rd year DO student in the US. I'm stuck about what to do because I came into med school knowing that I wanted ortho after working as an ortho scribe for 2 years, but my stats are not competitive enough (Step 1 mid 230s, Level 1 510s, 1 ortho case report + 2 poster...
  12. D

    Should CO 2024 DO students take P/F step 1?

    So, the option to take it scored is not possible for most of CO 2024, so now the question whether or not to take STEP1? Is taking it required to sit STEP2 CK? Is it a safer bet to go ahead and take it to stand apart from students that do not? Is it better to avoid it and save $650?
  13. G

    MD dedicated step schedule- starting from scratch

    Hey guys, Ive been have some pretty rough luck this year in terms of my family and my health. But now im 6.5 weeks out, things have gotten under control, however I've only managed to finish pathoma. Wondering if you guys can help me with a gameplan. Ive some sketchy during class, but apart from...
  14. J

    Will applying 1 year after graduating affect residency match opportunities?

    Hello, I'm new here. I will be graduating med school July 2022. I am a US-IMG looking to match into Gen Surgery or Urology Residency in the US (goal is in Texas). I understand matching is very competitive for IMGs. After looking at the requirements, most programs require 3 Letter of...
  15. J

    Research year AFTER med school?

    Hello, I'm new here. I will be graduating med school July 2022. I am a US-IMG looking to match into Gen Surgery or Urology Residency in the US (goal is in Texas). I understand matching is very competitive for IMGs. After looking at the requirements, most programs require 3 Letter of...
  16. Asclepius293

    Chance at Interviews? - ERAS FM App

    Hello all, US MD here applying for FM this cycle. I will graduate this December and am listed as US Senior on NRMP for match, but have an extension mentioned on ERAS and MSPE. Had some personal losses and struggles at beginning of third year, tried to continue rather than take LOA and ended up...
  17. Asclepius293

    Chances of interview - Insight/Advice

    Hello all, US MD here applying for FM this cycle. I will graduate this December and am listed as US Senior on NRMP for match, but have an extension mentioned on ERAS and MSPE. Had some personal losses and struggles at beginning of third year, tried to continue rather than take LOA and ended up...
  18. Piglet2020

    Low Step 1 - Risk not matching or dual apply?

    Hi all, I'm pretty committed to ophtho but my step 1 score is a major hurdle. Step 1 in low 220s, Step 2 near 250. My school advisor wants me to dual apply to play it safe since it's unusual for someone with a low step 1 to match something as competitive as Ophtho. However, I just cant...
  19. M

    Applying anesthesia, low step 2 221

    DO applicant. 235 step 1, 221 step 2. no idea what happened, was predicted at 237 took a LOA after M1 related to an injury (red flag). 1 publication and working on anesthesia research pub am I screwed? Honestly feel numb. Really want anesthesia but looks like I’ll have to settle for IM which...
  20. L

    Step 1 during LOA

    I am taking a LOA between years 1 and 2 and planning to conduct research during the year, however it is not considered an official research year by my school. During my LOA, I will not have an official enrolled student status, until I return back in August 2022 to start 2nd yr. My question is -...
  21. Welshman

    MD Surgical Sub + High Step 1, Risk Step 2 Score Drop or Delay?

    Hi everyone, I got some really great advice on away rotations a few weeks ago and wanted to hear some more opinions on my latest conundrum. Unfortunately, my school doesn't have any faculty from competitive specialties so their advice tends to be very superficial; I kid you not after presenting...
  22. C

    MD IMG applying for Match 2023

    Hello everyone, I'm an IMG from South America. I graduated back in 2016 and have been working as primary care while studying for the USMLEs. I recently got my score for Step 1 (209). What would be my best options to improve my chances to match into IM, Peds or FM?
  23. J

    Anyone Recently Take CBSE?

    Hi. Hope everyone is doing well. Has anyone recently taken the Comprehensive Basic Sciences NBME (CBSE)? I was curious if there were any low-yield/wtf questions on the exam. The new NBMEs have a lot of low-yield questions and I was wondering if this is to be expected on the CBSE? I am required...
  24. The Lovely Maverick

    Anking/ zanki/ FA 2021

    hello, Does anyone know if there is an updated Anking deck including the FA 2021 text? pls help meee
  25. moreta1623

    I need some guidance towards step1

    I am a MS2, non US IMG, currently studying for step 1. I plan on taking the exam on January. My plan is BnB with FA and Uworld, and also sketchy. As of right now, I am currently on the endocrinology section. Should I aim to buy Uworld once I do my first pass of the First Aid? (Planning to buy a...
  26. N

    Step 1/2, Shelf, and Basic Science Tutoring

    Currently MS4 @ Duke University School of Medicine Have been a Tutor for 6 years Worked as Tutor for Medical Students for 2 years Was TA for Masters of Biomedical Science Will set up personal study plan Go over topics that need review strategies to approaching, understanding, and answering...
  27. M

    Confusion over ECG territories

    I have in my notes: Anterolateral = I, aVL, V4-6 = LCx Anteroseptal = V2-4 = LAD Anterior = V2-6 = LMS If the LMS branches into LCx and LAD, why are there not changes in a combination of the above i.e. I, aVL, V2-6? I had an exam q where changes were ST elevation in the V1–V6, I, and aVL...
  28. Piglet2020


  29. Qwerty122

    Prepping for step 2 in a post step 1 p/f era

    So it looks like step 2 ck will be the new main metric that residencies will use to quantitatively judge and compare the relative candidacy of applicants. With this in mind, studying for step 1 by doing hundreds of anki cards a day, going through thousands of questions, and even spending 1-2...
  30. B

    Can my school find out when I've scheduled my step 1 date?

    Hi guys, I am not someone who posts often so I am not sure about the etiquette/how to tag posts, so please forgive me. The question is in the title. Our school is super pushy about being "in the know" of our step studying, which isn't a bad thing, per se, but they way they go about it is...
  31. Y

    do you think the MCAT will matter less very soon?

    wassup err1. hope everyones doing well. so i was wondering, now that step 1 is pass fail, does that take some importance off of the MCAT? Bc i heard MCAT is supposed to be the main predictor for Step scores but now what? Im sure theres more to this, so im wondering what yall think of my opinion...
  32. D

    IMG 15 days away from Step 1 NBME advice

    I'm an IMG and have been studying for Step 1 for almost a year after graduation, but the first half of that year was only 3-4 hours a day. Now my studying is up to 8-10 hours and I've gone over FA twice with Kaplan and UWorld once but a lot of the notes I took for UWorld I don't have the time to...
  33. SketchyMedical

    Assessment Item Writer - (Remote) - SketchyMedical

    SketchyMedical ( is looking for dynamic, creative science educators to help us expand our pool of technology-enhanced, interactive assessment items. As an Assessment Item Writer, you’ll work as part of our Medical Content Team, producing high-quality question items to...
  34. medlife2017

    Great firecracker discount - good through the end of October 2020

    Hey guys, If you use this link, you will get a great discount for any firecracker subscription. Firecracker was really helpful throughout medical school for me and I'm sure it will be for you too: I was informed that the current discounts are good until the end of October.
  35. Ryze

    Physeo-like Medical School Curriculum

    Hello Med Students! I am a new grad PA who was having a huge internal battle of whether or not if I should go back to medical school. I have ultimately decided to try working as a PA for a few years first. However, I do acknowledge I have holes in my knowledge for the foundational sciences. And...
  36. E

    Low Step 1 Score

    Well, it happened today. I got my Step 1 score back and scored significantly lower than my NBME’s predicted. I got a 212. I am an honors student and president of an organization but I am an US IMG.. I wanted to go into family medicine or pediatrics in the Midwest originally. I feel hopeless and...
  37. supadupasid

    Ethics Questions: Report to state department vs. encourage pt to disclose to sexual encounters

    I'm studying for ethics, and I had a quick question concerning how a physician addresses positive STIs results. If a patient is positive for chlam or gon and the patient wants to keep it quiet, what's the physicians first reaction? I've seen questions where the answer is to report to state and...
  38. halmoni

    Doing well without using anki?

    I just started M2 and I've been thinking about how I'd like to approach step. I know from first year that anki doesn't really fit my learning style-- I prefer making my own diagrams and notes, reading textbooks/wikipedia, and doing practice questions. This method worked for me and I usually...
  39. R

    Question About Previously AOA Residencies

    In terms of applying to competitive residencies (i.e. ortho, derm, ENT) that were AOA before the merger, how much do these programs value COMLEX? From my understanding, many of these programs would put a lot of weight on comlex scores before the merger happened, so I'm wondering if they continue...
  40. PeonyLeaf

    Rising MS3. Just got my Step 1 results. Wondering what my chances are for programs in Los Angeles?

    Rising M3, just got my Step 1 results back. Here are my overall stats. Happy to provide any other info I may have left out. Step 1: 239 AOA: No Class Rank: Don't know, probably somewhere in 50-75%ile School: Low-tier in the south. No significant ties to CA (Just a few family friends we...