Study Tip for Those Thinking of Using BR Biology

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Dec 10, 2010
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Hello Everyone!
I know people have very mixed opinions on BR Biology on SDN. I just wanted to share something that has helped ME PERSONALLY get through the chapters in BR Biology, especially book 1 with the physiology chapters, while keeping sight of the main idea/ processes and not getting too bogged down in the details. Before I read a chapter in BR Biology book 1, I watch videos from either Khan Academy or Crash Course Biology on YouTube that correspond to the respective chapter (Crash Course is my favorite YouTube channel ever). So for example, before I read the nervous system and muscle chapter in BR, I watched the Crash Course videos on the nervous system and the muscular system. Obviously these videos don't go into as much detail as BR and these videos shouldn't be anyone's primary study aid, but they are entertaining and given I never took an animal or human physiology class (I was a Microbio major) these videos help me visualize concepts that I am not familiar with before I start reading the chapter.
Just thought I would share that idea with all of you! It might help someone else. :)

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