Studying for Naplex

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Dec 7, 2012
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Hi everyone,

I am going to be taking the Naplex next month, I am studying from the Rxprep book 2013. I am worried about the calculations. Are the calculations rxprep good enough or should I focus on the 120 sdn calculations from 2006? Please let me know. Thanks

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Calculations was a weak point for me as well. I did the rx prep section twice, and the 120 calcs twice as well ( it was very helpful- you won't see the same difficulty level, but you'll be able to get through the questions they ask efficiently because you'll know how to manipulate the key equations).
Calculations on Naplex are a little harder and more complicated than Rxprep.

But if you have a good understanding of the concepts of the should be able to do it without too much problem/logical thinking.

I did fine on the math and I didn't do SDN 120 questions.
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Hi everyone!
i recent;y joined this forum and hoping that it would prove to be beneficial for me to get prepared for NAPLEX. I am oversea Pharmacist i have to work hard cux i ma out of touch of my Pharmacy studies from last 2 years i did MPH...can anybody guide me which study material would be helpful for me as i dont want to indulge maself in too many books i need one and comprehensive hanbook to study and get through the exam... i was ver weak in calculations are these 2006 Calc problem calculation would be sufficient for me?...please guide me
I was fine with RxPrep's 2013 book and online question bank.

RxPrep's calculations chapter was sufficient for me personally, but SDN's 120 questions seem to be quite popular as a study tool.