Studying for Step 1 Sucks...

Discussion in 'Medical Students - MD' started by Mango, May 16, 2002.

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    Man, does this suck? I mean, do they really expect us to know all this crap!? How is that possible? Yet last year at my school only one person failed out of 160. I have no idea how they did it....

    Today, I sat for 5 hours, expecting to cover at least half of biochem. I got through 60 pages of the BRS book. It's 300 pages long! I only alloted 2 days for biochem. How in the hell will I get through it all! Let alone remember it in 4.5 weeks!?

    I realize this is really a ranting post, but I am honestly at a loss. As are all my friends. Even after getting great grades in most classes, I feel as though I remember NOTHING! I can't imagine doing well on this test, let alone passing. And that Kaplan Q-bank is so far only making things worse. Are those questions a bit hard, or is it just me?

    All right, rant over. I guess I should get some sleep. I have an ass-load of biochem to re-learn tomorrow.....

    Mango out

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