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Oct 11, 2019
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I'm not sure why I didn't think to put this on here sooner, one of my classmates introduced me to it last year and I love it! There's a free program you can download called XMind that's for making flowcharts and webs. I've used it for things like diagnostic decision trees, mapping out branches of vessels and nerves for a given system, and organizing information for different diseases. It's super easy to use and they have a ton of different colors/styles you can pick for your layout!
this is gonna help me SO MUCH with my anatomy exam next Friday! <3
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Dec 20, 2016
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So just curious if my methods of studying right now will be useful in vet school or if I won't have time for them. Currently, all my professors give PowerPoints. I listen to the ppts 1.5-2x speed and annotate anything they said that isn't on the slides. I then after class will make flashcards alongside a word doc. The word doc is more high yield information that I may want to look back later on, or material I didn't understand but took my notes, textbook, and google to put it all together in a way I could understand for a reference. I usually read back on these summary sheets and do my flashcards every day. I will also cover up the summary sheet and write/type what I can on a blank sheet to see how much I can remember and where my gaps are.

Also do most vet schools give packets of notes for each class?
That should work, my professors give out powerpoint slides. I make an Anki deck and review them every day for an hour or so or when I have free time. Just make sure to not get behind on those. Start off with that from day one, because it will help you not fall behind and have to take time away from another class. I'm still playing catchup. Overall if your classes are like UF you'll have four classes ( one is clin skills for us which is easy) one of which is Small Animal Anatomy. You learn to prioritize the big beast of classes vs the 1 credit ones. Its better to not fail anatomy vs get a 70 in a 1 credit course. I aim for an A in all my courses but so far I've gotten 2 B's and an A. If you are specializing or want a residency you'll need to get a high GPA but if you are not specializing then C=DVM. Shoot for a A but don't kill yourself to get one.

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