Studying with just Kaplan books and Exam Krackers

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May 4, 2015
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I was wondering if anyone has like a three month study plan that they have made strictly following just Kaplan books and exam Krackers books. I've seen the schedule for the study plan using Kaplan, Berkeley, and TPR. As of now I don't have the funds to buy TPR and Berkley. If I really must I will try to get them. If you think these books are not enough to study by then please nag me on that and I will try to get more books. I'm just relying on these books and bunch of youtube videos.
But as of now if someone knows of this or tips on how to substitute the study plan with these two books then I'd appreciate it. I've googled as well to see if anyone else has asked similar questions to this, but I didn't find anything. SO, if this is a repeat or you know threads that have asked this then I am very sorry! Just please be kind of enough to link me to them. Please and thank you!

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I just followed the EK home study schedule on their website and supplemented with other books as needed (so I read the corresponding material in Kaplan or TBR books that I had when I wasn't fully understanding something). Those sets of books should be plenty, but you may find you need more help as you go in which case you can always pick up books for those specific subjects or watch Kahn Academy. You should get the TPR Psych book, as that's a subject that's weak in both sets you have. It's only $30 though so that shouldn't be a huge deal.
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Either should be fine for solely content review.
However, both don't have enough passage problems, especially Kaplan.
If you don't understand a specific topic from these books, there is always Khan.

As long as you incorporate plenty of passage-type problems along the way, you should be great!