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Jul 5, 2004
    I hate studying everyday, well... at least thinking about studying, not studying a enough, why I should or should not be studying, everything about studying. :mad:


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    Oct 21, 2004
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      the life of a med student ain't it grand. Isn't it ironic that we work so hard to get here and them almost wish we weren't. I finally figured out the amount of studying my anatomy class requires and I'm not so sure I can keep it up!
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      Oct 31, 2004
      Cold place
        The perfect technique... wow, I would give anything to get that one. But honestly, I don't believe there is any perfect way to study. Everyone has her own way to deal with things, and study technique can be very individual.

        Anyway, this thread is about how much we hate to study. Once I got sick of anatomy, :mad: so I threw out my anatomy book though the window, luckely it didn't hit anyone :laugh: . The point is, if you are tired at studying, take a break.


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        Nov 4, 2000
        sodom, south georgia
          JMalley said:
          What online sites do you use basic science info? And how do you find the sites? Does use a pay site or is it all free?

          google. you can find pretty much ANYTHING using google. one of the most helpful things you often come across are notes/presentations from different schools on topics you're studying.


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          Jun 21, 2004
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            TheDudeabides said:
            Ya should have thought about that before you went to medschool ***** :laugh:
            No need to insult the guy, but you have a point. You know what you're getting in when you enter med school, or am I the only one who did ? :confused: I just study, and I don't whine about it, although I am eager to get to 3rd year ;)


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            May 31, 2004
            Red State
              You have to learn the fine art of med school cramming. I've been basically 2 day cramming my microbiology tests and my scores have been going up. The key is a good review book coupled with an ability to get into the mind of a professer and figure out what will most likely be testable. Having good rentention doesn't hurt either.


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              Oct 27, 2003
                supereagles said:
                The question is HOW :confused:
                Well, personally, I'm trying to change my attitude. I talk myslef into how cool and interesting is this chapter in the textbook. I'm trying to think positive thoughts before I start to read. Also, I think about reading the textbook as if I would read a very intersting non-fiction book or a favorite magazine about my favorite character or something like that. I imagine that what I am about to read is what I would read for fun. You know what I mean? Maybe it sounds a bit silly, but - hey - it work's for me! Plus I'm trying to incorporate different ways to study, like searching and getting some information on the internet - it's makes learning process more interactive, hence more productive. Sometimes you can come across very cool games or video about anatomy and basic sciences. Anatomy coloring book also makes it more entertaining. :thumbup:


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                Mar 29, 2002
                  lynx said:
                  Anatomy coloring book also makes it more entertaining. :thumbup:

                  I ran across one of these at my Drexel host's apartment. It hit me as such a good idea. I'm damn sure that I'll be filling one of those out while watching cartoons in med school. Sounds like its actually a huge help for visual learners like myself.
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