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Jan 31, 2008
hello everyone,
happy holidays to you and yours. Quick question. When someone submits their completed application to AMCAS including the letters of recommendation from school, will that person also need to have the school mail the rec. letters off to the medical schools as well? I was wondering if I needed to have my school mail off the letters to the schools if they already have a copy of the rec. letters from AMCAS..or am I mistaken?


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Jul 1, 2008
No, if it's mailed to AMCAS already, then you don't have to request the letter service to mail it to the school. The schools will directly request it from AMCAS.


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Jun 27, 2007
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There are only a few schools utilizing the AMCAS letter of recommendation service. For the schools not participating, you'll have to send the letters to the various schools. To help ease the process, most people use Interfolio or Virtual Evals. What happens with these systems is that you have your pre-med committee, or whoever else wrote you a letter, send their letter to Interfolio/Virtual Evals. Then you pay a small fee per school for the company to send the letters to your list of schools. The benefit of this system is that your letter of rec writers only need to send their letter in twice (once to AMCAS and once to Interfolio/Virtual Evals). From then on, you're in control of your letters.
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