Feb 8, 2015
Hey everybody,

I am currently waiting on a final recommendation and was thinking about submitting applications to the few schools that I'm interested in that only need 2 recommendations. So I was going to submit those 3 independent of the rest of my applications, but got nervous when I saw that certain parts of the application will freeze (including recommendations.)

I guess I just need to know, will submitting those three applications make the rest of the app ruined for the remaining schools??

May 24, 2015
As long as you have requested the third recommendation you can submit. I don't know if they will verify your application and send them to the schools yet though, not sure exactly how it works, but you can definitely submit the application as long as the recommendations you want have been requested.
Jun 3, 2015
I know you have to have at least one LOR requested before you send out the application, but you can send the application out before you get the LOR filled out for sure - I just did that. You probably won't get any interviews until you get them back, but remember OptomCAS needs like 4 weeks to verify your transcript and the rest of your application before they even send anything out to any school. Plenty of time for your reference to get back to you.

I already submitted some applications, and it's allowing me to edit my LORs (I requested 4 but didn't get anything back yet). I think you can add, remove or edit LOR requests even after you submit the application, but you can't edit or remove them after the LOR is filled out by your reference. I'd double check with OptomCAS though.


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Jun 2, 2015
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Be sure to have all your evaluators entered first as that section will lock. Optomcas will verify your application and send it with out the letters submitted by your evaluator. On their FAQ it states they do not recommend waiting on your evaluators to submit the letters. Good luck!
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