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Nov 6, 2001
How do you find internships to do during the summer? I m finishing up my masters degree in "biomedical sciences" with an emphasis in health care management......I know its not an MBA or an MPH but I was hoping to get some sort of an intership this summer to 1) learn some more about business 2) make some cash.

- Honestly I havent learnt very much besides some really general topics, issues regarding healthcare and management...the masters had a much greater focus on the bio part (took all the first year med courses, besides anatomy)..but I m a very fast learner.




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Jan 18, 2005
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Especially for those of you not in a traditional set up for a summer internship (i.e., those who are not in their first year of business school and exposed to the organized summer internship recruiting process), I've found that one of the most useful resources for finding interesting (and unadvertised) internship opportunities is through alumni connections (undergrad, med school, grad school, etc). You can find alumni working at the firm or position that intertests you, contact them (usually via e-mail at first) and see what they can throw your way. Of course you start with "I'm interested in learning more about what you do, can we talk over the phone"... and if you hit it off, bring up the topic of internship opportunities (both official and unofficial). You build your network and get a chance to find some interesting work...
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