Summer NON-Research Opportunities???

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Sep 20, 2013
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Hello friends,

I have seen a ton of websites/threads/etc. about summer undergrad research programs... they're everywhere, and that's awesome I guess...

But what if I have absolutely NO interest in doing research? Is there a website for me? Are there opportunities that will look good to med schools that don't involve me in a lab all summer?

I am interested in a career in primary care; should I be looking for clinical research opportunities? Or should I be looking for a primary care physician to shadow for the summer?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm lost!


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Shadowing, volunteering, clinical research, becoming an EMT/scribe - all good options.
I guess I should have specified, this is the summer before my senior year.
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Scribe is a great option for those who might not be much into research.

If research is not something you want to pursue, what type of projects you would like to pursue independently? If you are going to apply during the summer before your senior year, you will probably spend a lot of your time doing AMCAS and secondaries, so find something productive you would like to do on top of that.
You can always travel abroad(medical internship) and learn something. Maybe not the best thing to put on your med school application, but it's a good experience and something you may not have time to ever do again.