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Summer Pre-Dent Sim Courses/Workshops

Discussion in 'Pre-Dental' started by jeffity, May 20, 2014.

  1. jeffity

    jeffity 7+ Year Member

    Oct 23, 2009
    If you know of others happening that are still accepting people for this summer, please share. I think these are great, no matter which school it is you are visiting or if you even plan to apply there or not. The more time you can spend on any campus speaking with any students/faculty/admissions, the better. If it’s in your budget (monetary and time), they’re worth it (more so if you end up applying to these schools). Carpool and share a cheap hotel with another pre-dent to save a dollar or two.

    For you pre-dents who may be a couple of cycles out (lots of strategy time left), stay on top of the ASDA and/or ADEA chapters of the schools you are interested in. Follow their facebook pages. ASDA extends to pre-dents. You belong and you are welcomed, so take advantage of it. Lots of them do these sim courses or other pre-dent sort of events and they aren’t always in the summer (and range from 1 day to several). If you slip sim courses in your application, you can treat them as ASDA/ADEA-sponsored events, not School X events (in case you’re afraid of it looking like you favor a certain school or something). See the links for specific details about the daily events at each.


    May 30-31 or June 13-14
    [email protected]

    June 6-7 or June 13-14
    [email protected]

    May 30-31
    [email protected]

    July 19
    $85 ($100 after June 20)
    (it's for 2014 even though you'll see 2013 in some places)

    Some FYI ones if you want to plan for these in the future (think the pricey ones are school-sponsored, not ASDA):
    ASDOH - 1-day event usually occurs in February ($95)
    Loma Linda - also in the summer, but deadline to register is past ($200)
    VCU - 1-day event in March/April
    Oklahoma - 1-day event in the spring ($100)
    UoP - 2-day event in the spring, lottery to get in ($225)
    Minnesota - 2.5 days, done 4 times per year ($500!)
    Stony Brook - week long in summer, app deadline is past ($1800!)
    Penn - week log in summer, app deadline is past ($1700!)
    And many more....
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