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Nov 13, 2011
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I'm an M1 finishing up my first semester. I want to pursue a research program this upcoming summer, preferably at an institution that has an established residency program in the field that I am interested in entering (rad onc) or at least a close affiliation with a school that has one. I currently attend a state school that doesn't have a rad onc program; therefore, there's little opportunity for me here to pursue research in the field. Also, I really don't want to work in a lab all summer doing cancer related bench work as I'd much rather do something clinical.

I want to know if anyone has done any programs over the summer that has involved rad onc or clinically related cancer research. How competitive were these programs? I've noticed a lot of them don't ask for transcripts, so is it based strictly on experience and recommendations? I'm at the top 5% of my class; however, I don't have an extensive background in research other than a few poster presentations in undergrad where I worked in a lab for about a year. And I've heard that a lot of these programs are bias towards individuals who have tons and tons of research experience, so I'm wondering if there's any hope for me. I'm just a lost soul looking for an opportunity that I currently don't have at my home institution :(

oh and I was planning on tailoring my application essays toward my passion for teaching and future plans of becoming an academic physician. Would this be a good idea? I have years of teaching experience to back this up. I'm just a bit unconfident about the fact that I don't have much research experience under my belt.

excuse any mistakes as this was typed on my phone

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Dec 21, 2007
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Sloan Kettering has a summer program that sounds like exactly what you're looking for. A classmate got in with minimal research experience.