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summer research??


7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Jul 30, 2003
im a first year osteopathic medical student who is very very interested in GI.

what are the advantages of doing summer research in the field and does any one have any suggestions for research in the NY area?

and any other recomendations that can help me in obtaining a GI spot ( i know i still have a while) i would love the input


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15+ Year Member
Feb 1, 2004
Research in GI is almost a pre-requisite for getting a GI fellowship these days (the same goes for cards). You should definitely find a GI attending at your school that has an interesting research project that you can do with the goal of being published. Besides research, you should try to make connections with your GI faculty or faculty at other schools with GI programs so that they can speak up for you when it comes time to apply. This can be done by doing away GI rotations at schools that you are interested in and is done during your fourth year of med school. As a first year, I'd reccomend that you look up a local GI who wouldn't mind you following them around a few days during the year so that you can be sure that you like GI too. GI has some neat procedures but some of their work is pretty gross, so I'd make sure that you don't mind the smell and all that stool before you commit to GI too.
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