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Dec 28, 2005
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depends on what your looking for.....

-program grants MS degree instead of a certificate like some programs give
-Roswell Park Cancer Institute is solid, good name recognition
-learn oncology in depth (can be positive or negative depending if your interested in cancer or not)
-research project is relatively extensive (again, can be good or bad)

So-if your interested in cancer and research, along with a few (2 or 3) biomedical science courses, its worth considering. If your mainly interested in taking biomed science courses and dont want to do research, I'd probably look elsewhere.


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Oct 1, 2007
thanks for the response...

i definitely like the cancer research aspect of it and the fact that it's in-state. ultimately, though, i was wondering if it would significantly help me get into med school. they advertise more than 50% of those completing the program eventually getting accepted, but i guess a lot of that depends on what people had going in. their minimum requirements are fairly low (22, 3.0), if that's any indication. i have a 32 (10P, 12V, 10B) and a 3.2 and was wondering if the program would be worthwhile.

i emailed them, but only got info i already knew.
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