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Super Low GPA, Which path would be better?


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May 2, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
    Hello everyone, hope you all are staying safe during these stressful times.

    I am an asian male, NY resident, graduated with a biology degree in 2019.
    I graduated with a cgpa 2.68, and a sgpa 2.4
    800+ Emergency room volunteer leader
    Past 3-4 years as a medical assistant/Office manager
    32 hours shadowing a dermatologist at a nursing home
    No research experience
    Most of my pre-reqs are B or higher however the higher level science courses I did poorly in.

    A little bit about my background: Raised by a single parent as my father suffered a life changing head injury while I was in elementary school. Growing up there was and still are financial difficulties. From when I was little, I had to take care of my father after school when the home aid left. It was difficult to see my family struggle but not able to do anything about it.
    After high school i was accepted to a private college with an academic scholarship that covered roughly 55% of the tuition. With financial aid and loans I still had to pay thousands out of pocket. The first year of college I knew medicine was an amazing field for me and I tried hard to do well. I had a 3.55/3.5 gpa but that dropped to 3.3/3.2 the second year due to financial problems. I transferred to a state public school as it was cheaper and started to work 25-35 hours a week while enrolled full time and my GPA dropped drastically. While it took me 5 years to graduate because not all of my credits transferred over (along with retakes of some science courses) I was still the first one in my family to graduate from college. I wanted to work to be able to support myself and a little bit to my family. As a result, after I transferred and saw my grades drop, I gave up on the dream.
    After year at the public college I found a new job as a medical assistant where I worked closely with a PCP where the majority of patients were poor asian immigrants while a few were minorities. Being trained to take care of patients and seeing first hand of what medicine is about reignited the fire to chase after the dream. I loved being able to work alongside with my physician to educate people about their health and to be a part of their healing process. Over time I became familiar with patients and developed a connection where they trust me and at the same time my physician trusted me with greater responsibilities, such as performing tests and blood draws. It was amazing to see people that were in pain to return healthy.
    While working at this job took a toll on my grades, it is also what made me want to continue to pursue medicine.
    I know I can handle the science courses if it was my only focus and while financial difficulties are still an issue, it was not a severe as when I was still in college.

    I have talked with some advisors and they have given me conflicting advice. Some say I need to redo my undergraduate science courses to improve my undergraduate gpa while others say that a masters program would be more beneficial as my ugpa is too low to significantly improve with a few science courses.

    I have researched into possible masters programs offered at medical schools as some of them provide a guarentee interview at their school if you do well, but they require an MCAT score as well as <3.0 gpa.
    I have been studying intensely for the MCAT during the stay-at-home order in my state and have been achieving 515 minimum over 3 practice tests. I am scheduled for the shortened MCAT in June and expect to achieve around the same score.

    I would like to hear anyone's advice for SMP/masters programs that people with low GPA have gotten into and found it to be helpful in gaining acceptance to medical school; or if a post-bac would be more beneficial for my case.

    Thank you for any advice on what to do next.
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