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One of the schools I'm applying to has a pretty absurd (in my opinion) supplemental essay prompt. I cannot think of a single experience I have had that would be applicable to write about. Do I completely make something up? Or should I flat out say that I've never had this experience?

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Mar 23, 2017
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Unless you have lived in a bubble your entire life I would find it hard to believe that you never had any conflicts with other people. Chances are at one point or another the individual who you had a conflict with was from a different culture than your own. The way I read that question it does not necessarily imply that the conflict had anything to do specifically with the differing of cultures, rather that you had a conflict with someone who maybe had a different outlook and understanding of life than yourself due to cultural upbringing. The question is asking how in an instance where you maybe had a disagreement, etc, with someone who grew up differently than yourself how did you resolve the situation and find a way to see eye to eye.
The question is framed to see how you react to people unlike yourself and want to know you can see past differences to come to an amicable solution.
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