Jun 9, 2014
Hi everyone!

I have a quick question on a supplemental essay topic, which asks to write about 3 achievements.

I have two down (both non-academic), and I wanted to make the last one academic. Here's somethings I was thinking about writing.

-DAT score: I'm very happy with how I scored (yes it's not the highest), but this was one of my biggest doubts. Back in high school, I scored a 23 on my ACT, despite having a 4.3 gpa. This always made me feel like I would never do well on standardized tests, but I overcame that.
-Phi Beta Kappa/Alpha Sigma Nu/ National Society of Collegiate Scholars

I'm not sure how these look, but just some ideas. I do wanna make the last one academic though.

Suggestions/ feedback?

Thanks in advance!!
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