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Apr 9, 2004
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I'm interested in hearing how others were supported before, during, and after the test.

Before the test my girlfriend sent me a couple of packages with homemade brownies and food to keep me fueled. My sister had the first grade class she teached do a writing exercies in which they all brainstormed about what they would say to a person who had a big scary test and then had them write it on cards for me. They said things like "I hope you get to be a doctor," "Don't freak out," and "your sister is great." I think my sister planted that last one. Finally I had people at my church pray for me.

During lunch break a friend brought pizza a milkshake for me and another test-taker.

After I was done with the test I have several messages from supporters. It was great.

I really feel like it contributed to my sense of well-being about the test.


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Jan 26, 2004
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My family and friends were amazing. Especially my roommates. They put up with so much from me over the past few months, and offered me so much love and support and encouragement. And I had a lot of people giving me a lot of support along the way. :) People can really be great when you need a little love sometimes.


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Apr 28, 2001
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Everyone has been great, no ill feelings or anything of that sort. In fact, I was supposed to have taken a test the week of the MCAT. I got it rescheduled for this week. The exam involved about 200 pages or so of reading, which I hadn't even touched. One of my friends just outright gave me his notes (which are excellent) without my asking.
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