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I am compiling, for eventual web-posting, a database of general surgery residencies. The ideas is to take pertinent information from FREIDA, the ACGME website and the ACS website and put it in a customizable/sortable Excel spreadsheet. I am planning to include the following fields in the database.

Program Name
Zip Code
Number of slots
Web site
History of unfilled categorical slots
ACGME program # (useful for quickly accessing the FREIDA stats)
* Required research year(s)
* Available research year(s)
* Time spent on out-of-town rotations

Two questions
1) What other information would be useful
2) How useful would the starred fields be? They would require a lot of work to get good data. :)


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May 1, 2001
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those research requirements would be hard to keep track of b/c many of them are fluid. A number of places have eliminated them b/c its expensive & not attractive to some candidates. At others it may or may not be optional depending upon manpower needs. I'm not sure that the unfilled position # really tells you much either about programs either (see Univ. of Virginia this past year).
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