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switching residency programs-

Discussion in 'Clinical Rotations' started by Juice, Apr 2, 2002.

  1. Juice

    Juice Junior Member 7+ Year Member

    Mar 28, 2002
    I was in a prelim internship on the west coast and switched mid year to an east coast program due to a family illness. I will have completed 12 full months this year, 4 on the west and 8 on the east. I am looking into jumping into a PCY-2 anesthesia spot this July, and was wondering if anyone knows if this change will affect my chances. I know anesthesia requires a full year of prelim, which I have completed, just at 2 different programs. Any advice??? Thanks.

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  3. Magree

    Magree Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Sep 5, 2001

    If you completed a whole year then I can't imagine the fact that you did it at two programs would mean you didn't meet the requirements. As to having to switch programs - it seems like that happens more frequently than most people realize. Besides, it sounds like you had a good reason. If I were you I'd contact the PDs of some anesthesia programs in which your interested and explain your situation. They are the best source of info. Hope this helps.

  4. navs

    navs Member 10+ Year Member

    Oct 16, 2001

    I don't think there should be any problems at all, just the usual question about why, which u have a good reason for.

    I would get cracking on finding a position starting this July though. I know a surg. res. who is switching to anesth. and when he called progams at the end of last yr. found few places still looking.

    Good luck.

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