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Apr 15, 2016
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I've recently decided to switch to a Pre-Dentistry track after having been a Political Science major the past three years. I have a decent GPA (3.9), however, I haven't taken any of the pre-requisites needed for Dental School. I've created an outline, somewhat, of how I can fit all of those classes within a year and a half.
I only have three classes left in order to complete my Political Science degree, and I realize I won't have the time to change my major entirely, so I'll still be working on completing PSCI degree requirements (as well as the Pre-Dentistry requirements) during this time.

Summer 2016
Fundamentals of Chemistry (No Prior background apart from high school chem so I wanted to start at the very beginning)
Biology I

Fall 2016
Biology II (W/ Lab
Physics I (w/ Lab)
Chemistry I (w/ Lab)
1 Upper Level Political Science course

Spring 2017
Chemistry II (w/ Lab)
Physics II (w/ Lab)
1 Upper Level Political Science Course

Summer 2017
Organic Chem I (w/ Lab)

Fall 2017
Organic Chem II (w/ Lab)
Bio Chemistry
PSCI Senior Thesis

Preferably, I'd like to finish Organic Chem II prior to fall semester and take the DAT sometime around August so I can apply to Dental school and hopefully be accepted that same year, but I met with an academic counselor at my university recently, and she informed me that applying to dental schools so late would hinder my chance of even getting an interview for some schools because the classes fill up pretty fast.
So most likely I'll have to take the DAT upon completion of Organic Chem II and apply to Dental school the Spring of 2018. (Which means I'll waste a year of not being in school in the meantime but I guess if there's no other choice.)

I have pretty good reasons for wanted to switch so late in the game and could write a decent personal statement for that, but as of now, I have no hands-on experience in the field.
I guess my concerns are whether this plan is truly feasible and how I can get more experience (shadowing, etc) to make me a competitive candidate. I was thinking perhaps getting a Phlebotomy certification (it would only take 9 weeks in my state) in order to get more direct patient contact and clinical experience.
And I really don't know about extracurriculars. As a PSCI student I was in a law fraternity, (still am actually) and did a lot of community service through my sorority (I've since dropped) but I work part-time so I don't really see how I could suddenly become an active member of multiple pre-health organizations. I'm hoping that if I were to obtain the phlebotomy certification, I can find part-time work doing that and make it count for clinical experience.
But then again, I'll have been doing all of this within a year and a half of applying to dental school so I don't know how much dental schools would question my interest in the field.

I guess I just don't know where I stand right now and would appreciate some advice! :)
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Dec 8, 2014
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You might want to check with your school to see if they will let you take O-Chem2 and Biochem in the same semester. Also, try to get as much shadowing experience and volunteering in as you can during the summers.
Good luck.
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