1. Meisbad

    WAMC (3.82cgpa/3.79sgpa, 510)

    I will be an applicant for medical school (mostly MD, but some DO schools) in the upcoming cycle. I just received my MCAT score and wanted to make a preliminary list as my school's committee letter process has begun. I attend a public college in NY and am in my senior year. If anyone wants to...
  2. Snickerdoodle1996

    Basic Pharmacology Course Before Medical School

    Hi everyone, My university offers a basic pharmacology course tailored to serve as a foundation for medical school. I am working on my schedule for my last semester before starting medical school in the Fall. I am wondering if it is worth taking this course or if I should just take other...
  3. O

    I need HELP!... Advice for senior in high school

    Hi i posted this before but no one replied. But im in dual enrollment and i currently have 44 hrs almost there for my asssoicates, which is (5 classes left) the most i will ever take. Im too sure what to do or how to handle everything while trying to enjoy and do things in ny last year. I also...
  4. O

    URGENT ADVICE!! Discouraged high school senior...help me please

    hi, i made a thread earlier i dont know what the heck happened to it lol. But im in dual enrollment and im trying to get my masticates and i have 5 classes left, which is alot. i have never taken that many before and i need advice on how to handle it being still a senior and balancing school and...
  5. O


    Hi i am in highschool abouta be a senior and i am currently taking college classes and i am signed up for intro to bio. Should i take it? I really want to get alot if courses of the way for med school and for my basics done in a quicker cheaper way. I have 25 hours right now. In the summer i...
  6. O

    Dual credit pre med classes

  7. C

    HS senior class recommendations? future pre-med, biology major.

    Hello everyone, I am now a HS junior. Im interested in taking pre-med classes in college and majoring in biology. Im looking to see if anyone can help me with some classes I could take as a senior, I have most picked but looking for some advice for a few classes. Junior classes: (what i'm...
  8. SelmerSA80SII

    Internship Choice: Prestige vs. Product?

    I'm currently fielding a few internship offers, as a Junior and Computational Biology Major. Despite talking to a few advisors and reps from each program, I am still extremely stressed in deciding which to accept. I want to pursue MDPhD programs after taking a gap year for some sort of...
  9. B

    Gap year or Masters program

    Hi everyone, so I am a little late to the DPT game... I decided I wanted to pursue DPT during my last semester of college. It took me 4 years of college to finally figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life. But I am really glad I finally did! With my mechanical engineering...
  10. S

    Graduating in 3.5 years to work my last semester--is this okay?

    Hi everyone, I'm a junior, applying to med school this cycle. I'm getting my BS in neuroscience, and will finish all classes required for my major this semester. All I need left is to work on my research thesis next semester (Fall 2018). Instead of taking fluff/filler classes next Spring (2019)...
  11. S


  12. M

    Senior Spring Classes

    Hopefully on December 1st, we all will be receiving some good news! With that being said and the hopes of receiving good news, does anyone know if dental schools care about the strength of our schedule senior spring (assuming we get in before then). I was considering taking no science classes...
  13. E

    Could I get into UOP PreDental Program?

    Hello, I am a senior in high school. GPA is 3.73/4.00 SAT I is 1420 Math 710 Eng 710 Total: 1420 I got lower than 600 on both Math II and Chem so I will not be submitting those. Could I still get in... I am interested in UOP's accelerated predental program.
  14. C


    Hi I'm a senior in High School, and recently I've been doing research about college. Honestly I don't know what major I want to do. But I know that I would like to go into medical school in the future. What was your major, and how did you like it? What was your experience? Also, if you could go...
  15. S

    GPA slip last semester of College

    In short: Cumulative GPA was 3.83, this last semester of college I will likely be receiving a 3.5, which will bring down my cGPA to 3.79. I have not applied to Med Schools yet. I was having a bit of personal issues but I don't want to blame it on that. Its stupid but I just want to know...
  16. HelpINneed911

    COMLEX Step 2 PE failed 3 times.

    I have failed the PE three times. The 4th attempt was taken one week ago. 1st take... Failed humanistic and biomedical 2nd take... passed humanistic, failed biomedical 3rd take.... passed biomedical, failed humanistic If I didn't pass the exam this time I will be dismissed from medical...
  17. greysxo

    PSAT and SAT

    Hi, I'm not sure if this has been posted before, but I would like a newer opinion on this. I'm a sophomore in high school and I did not take the PSAT this year. I plan to take the PSAT my junior year and the SAT my senior year. I'm worried that I will not do well on the PSAT and will then not...
  18. P

    how do you interact with your senior?

    hey guys, new intern here, I wonder if anyone else has the same problem: the senior seems to like to function on themselves, instead of me going to the senior, they do their own thing, putting in orders, talking to the attending. I find it bothersome since I am supposed to be the one taking care...
  19. D

    Senior Level Courses in American Dental Schools

    Do American dental schools require you to have a certain minimum number of "senior level courses" in your junior or senior school year? Ie. UWO now requires that "Each of the two best years used for GPA consideration must also have at 3.0 full course [out of the full course load of 5.0]...
  20. S

    Anyone really apply Junior summer? I feel rushed

    Is anyone planning to apply end of Junior summer? (so you can attend dental school as soon as you get out of undergrad). I am currently finishing my sophomore year with 3.6 at top undergrad; however, i have not taken DAT, I am not ready to ask LOR. I see merit applying junior summer because I do...
  21. C

    Switching to Pre-Dentistry Senior Year

    I've recently decided to switch to a Pre-Dentistry track after having been a Political Science major the past three years. I have a decent GPA (3.9), however, I haven't taken any of the pre-requisites needed for Dental School. I've created an outline, somewhat, of how I can fit all of those...