Mar 31, 2020
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This semester I am taking:

Organic chemistry 2 with lab- 5 credits
Signaling pathways in physiology- 3 credits
Biochemistry- 3 credits

I need to take 12 credits. This is my last semester. I will have completed all the prerequisites with these. Would it matter if I took something non- science? My science gpa is a 3.3. I plan on taking classes after graduating most likely. I am paying for this semester out of pocket so I am trying to be reasonable with my expenses.


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May 28, 2014
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Yeah, it would be completely fine to take an easy class on top of 3 challenging ones. Make sure to ace them all to boost up that sGPA.
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Apr 9, 2018
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  1. Pre-Medical
Definitely pick up an easy class since your sGPA is a little low. Easy classes don't look bad, especially since you're talking a heavy amount of hard sciences. People get accepted with easy majors all the time, so long as they do well in prereqs. Sometimes you may end up learning more in an easy class than you could imagine. Some of my greatest college experiences were from interactions I had in GPA fluff classes.
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