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Apr 21, 2013
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Hey, I need some advice. I need to pass a benchmark COMSAE soon before my COMLEX (scheduled for in a month; it may have to be moved back if I don't hit decent numbers on my COMSAE), but I want to take a practice test beforehand to make sure I can hit the required score and the studying I've been doing hasn't been for naught. Which should I take, NBME which is tailored to Step, or another COMSAE, which won't let me review questions? Also, if you have specific recommendations on which one I should take besides UWSA2 and NBME18 (I want to potentially take those later), please let me know.

I've taken COMSAE103b a couple weeks back, and it was lower than I needed. I took AMBOSS and COMBANK tests before that COMSAE, but I haven't taken an NBME. I am not registered for USMLE so far because I'm not very confident that I can take it in a month without pushing back, and I've heard how much a hassle it's been with cancellations and finding spots. Thanks in advance.


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Feb 19, 2015
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Take a COMSAE, as the COMSAEs share questions and topics, so it will help prepare you for the benchmark COMSAE. Then, when you want to decide if you will take STEP, take a NBME to gauge if you are ready for STEP.
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