Take the B or the S?


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May 12, 2019
    I am currently in the process of demonstrating an upward trend, but I have only done so for 1.5 years and plan on doing a year of DIY post-bacc classes. As I am trying to get my GPA above 3.0, every credit I take matters. This past spring, I got 4 As and 1 B, which was in a graduate-level pharmacology class. My advisor suggests that I should keep the B instead of choosing the S (Satisfactory) option as it would show ad-coms that I did well in a rigorous semester (Cancer Biology, Biopsych, Pharmacology class, Evolution, O-Chem 2 Lab). Since literally every credit matters in bringing the GPA above 3.0, do you recommend I keep the B or take the S?

    Additionally, is 2.5 years of upward trend in undergraduate classes enough to demonstrate reinvention with an MCAT score above 515? I have no preference between DO or MD schools and will take what I can get.

    Thank you for your time.

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