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Dec 24, 2009
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Hi everyone, I tried looking for help about this question before posting, so my apologies if it's been answered before.

I'm doing an informal post-bacc and am considering taking classes in the summer of applications. I'll finish and file everything before these grades come out, but you can make updates correct? Has anyone else had any issues with doing this? It would only be a couple of upper level classes, but I want to make sure that they'd count towards my GPA.

Please let me know, thanks!


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Aug 28, 2013
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Yes you absolutely can update (and are encouraged to do so). Since most people applying are still in school they even encourage updating on fall grades so you'll be fine. Good luck!


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Oct 9, 2011
I did some research on this (on these boards) myself as I'm doing a similar thing. From what I gather (others: feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) but when you fill out your AMCAS you put class that are "in progress" and classes that you "plan to take in the future".

If you put in progress either your AMCAS won't be complete or you won't be evaluated by the school until updated - I don't remember which. This way you lose the benefit of applying and submitting early. If you indicate that you plan to take them later then all goes as normal and you can update with the grades later, but they won't be counted in your GPA for AMCAS

As I said, hopefully someone else will confirm or combat what I just said but as I understand it's a decision between applying early and having those extra grades as a GPA booster.

I'm choosing applying early...