Taking DAT/Applying Dates

Hey guys, I've got a basic question for you all.

I know that applying earlier is better, but I also want to have enough time to prepare for the DAT to do well. When is the ideal time to take it? My kaplan course is scheduled to end at 5/5, so I'm looking at a May test after my exams are done. However, I'm willing to take the DAT before the class ends since I don't really need to focus that much on the quantitative section at all (scored 22 without studying on a practice)

I appreciate the advice


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Oct 9, 2006
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    I would say take it when your schedule is a little more open. Dont take it during or around exam time..thats pointless. I mean, you can even apply to d-school w/o having taken the DAT...you can just take it in the summer when AADSAS takes their sweet a$$ time processing your application. My advice, take it when you have really nothing else to think about..that way you can devote as much time as you would like instead of just the time you have. just my opinion..take it or leave it haha. Best of luck!!


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    May 7, 2006
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      My kaplan course ended in may and it took me two more months of solid studying to feel ready. Don't expect Kaplan to prep you, they will just give you the test format and some info to study. I applied in may and took the DAT in early July (right before my application was sent) and that worked well. Plan on late June at least.
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