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Taking MCAT in 2002 vs 2003

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by lost, Jan 14, 2002.

  1. As you all know, the 2003 format of the MCAT has been changed and the MCAT ppl claim that it will be possible to get a higher score with the new MCAT format. So will I be at a disadvantage if I take it this summer compared to the ppl who take it in the spring of 2003?
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    Dec 12, 2001
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    Since the MCAT is an exam scored by a national percentile which is then equated to an numerical score, it is not likely that you will gain any advantage by taking it before or after these changes. You will stil be scored based on how well you perform against the national average. The changes to the test are minimal, the MCAT will still have the same format (minus 5 questions in verbal) and will still test the same skills and material. Take it when you feel ready and have prepared adequately.

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