Taking one semester at a time?

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Feb 20, 2008
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Is it possible to take one semester/year for the first 2 years in Med school? I have responsibilities here in the US and I think that's my best option. Any ideas on this one?


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Nov 29, 2004
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Hmmmm......it's possible. But I think you would have to visit a lot of schools before you found one that would be genuinely supportive of such an arrangement.

Probably Fatima is your best choice.

The big name Manila schools are unlikely to be accommodating to such a request. And the smaller schools might be a little too traditional and provincial to understand your need for such a request.

Another issue is that many of the PI schools have changed their rules and curriculum constantly over the last four years. So as you tried to progress through school, one semester a year, for four years, you could easily find yourself returning to a program totally unlike the one you originally signed up for.

So, to sum up....it is possible. But the more I contemplate the environment here, I have to think that you are very, very unlikely to swing the arrangement you have proposed.

Instead, stay in the US and take care of your personal business, and don't start a PI med school until you are completely ready.