taking orgo II and thermodynamics together - what else to take?

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Jan 24, 2004
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Next semester I'll be taking orgo II (class and lab) along with thermodynamics (thermo's only offered in the fall so I can't take it later). I know that both classes will require a lot of time but I'm hoping that it'll be manageable, especially since I'm not planning on doing research during the school year anymore. I'm also taking differential equations (basically, calc 4) and though it'll require work, it won't be as time-consuming as orgo II and thermo.

What other courses should I take? I will still have 5 credits available (max # credits w/o paying more tuition is 18). I'd love to take more studio art courses so I can take two courses (each is 1/2 a semester for 6 hours a week) at 1.5 credits each and still have 2 credits left. But, studio art courses are pretty difficult to get into (since they're in the School of Art and Design and art students have first priority during registration) so I'd like some suggestions for other courses to take. Has anyone taken any really interesting classes that didn't require a huge amount of work? I'm looking for something that's stimulating but doesn't add a huge amount to my workload. I don't know if any such classes exist, but if they do, I'd like to take one!
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