Taking orgo II over the summer, but not for credit

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Dec 31, 2011
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So I did poorly in Orgo I this past semester (got a C...) and I'm thinking about how I can prepare myself so I don't make the same mistakes next fall when I take Orgo II.

I'm thinking about enrolling in a Orgo II at my local CC -- not for credit (I doubt it would transfer to my uni anyway), but simply for the experience and knowledge so that I will be better prepared when I take it in the fall at my university.

Is this a good idea? Would I be required to report the grade I receive at my local CC on AMCAS? Any insight is appreciated.


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At my school OChem II built up on OChem I, so my advice would be if you did poorly in OChem I, is to take OChem I again and build yourself a stronger foundation for OChem II.