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Jul 9, 2016
Hi everyone!!
I am applying this year but I haven't taken any DAT previously.
Everything has been submitted but DAT... so it's still incomplete, not even reviewed.
I am scheduled to take it next week but I got an accident.
I don't think I can take it as scheduled and so am thinking to push it back later in September. :(
My GPA is not that strong it's overall 3.5
Is taking DAT in Sep going to hurt really bad? It seems everyone is taking DAT no later than August and I am the only one taking it in Sep.....
I am so depressed and feeling misery.. Should I just aim for next year cycle?? );


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May 26, 2015
Dental Student
That's extremely unfortunate. I hate to say this but maybe the accident is kind of a blessing in disguise. I got injured this summer and it made me study for the DAT more and helped me focus (a bit painful in the beginning though). I hope you feel better soon and kill the DAT :)