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Am I picking my nose or showing my shaka?
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Apr 10, 2011
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    I also went through Cliffs..but I skipped some accordingly because I know it was way too detailed.

    Some main points to know about taxonomy.


    Deuterostome Vs. Protostome - which phylum is which.
    Acoelomate Vs. Coelomate - which phylum is which
    Bilateral Vs. Radial symmetry - which phylum is which (be careful about Echinoderms, growing up bilaterally; radially as adults)
    Chambered hearts of chordates - 2, 3, 4, which is which.


    Distinguish between....

    Nonvascular Vs. Vascular
    Seedless Vs. Seeded
    Gymnosperms Vs. Angiosperms
    Dicots Vs. Monocots

    Protists - for protozoans, focus on characteristics of rhizopds (amoebas), paramecium. then some characteristics with algae.

    I think other kingdoms are straightforward. Again, I recommend Alan's notes (that 18 pages of bio notes). Hands down the most helpful notes I ever found on this website.
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