TBR Bio I Passage XII Questions 73 and 79

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Feb 26, 2020
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I still need to do some content review, so I apologize if this is something that I have just not gone over yet. Does anyone know where I can find a better explanation for these answers and where I can read more about these specific questions? According to TBR, the answers are D and C, respectively, though I don’t understand why, for question 79, the amplitude needs to be lower. I also don’t understand why 73 is not A. I appreciate all the help.

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Sorry the answers are not helpful. That has been a feedback heard before for BB, but in light of BR being a hair above deceased, there is likely not going to be an update with a better explanation coming out.

I'd suggest you post a screenshot of the questions, along with any relevant passage information. Posting the question in a Q&A forum does not violate any copyright issue and it will likely you get some responses. I don't think very many people have the BR books any longer, so it's realistically the only way to get replies.