Feb 16, 2010
Hello I planned on using EK 101 and TPRH for content review. I have a good understanding of all the sciences (have written MCAT once).

1) Do I really need TBR books? or would EK 1001 and TPRH suffice?

2) I plan on doing 2 chapters/day for EK 10001. Would this be possible for TBR? (assuming I have nothing but MCAT to study and doing around 1-2 hours of verbal per day)

3) I hear that TBR is good for passage-based type questions (stronger than EK and TPRH) Should I be worried if I don't get TBR?

4) Do I have enough time to start studying by April 23-26th ish if I order TBR today/tomorrow?



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Jan 23, 2010
I am a huge fan of TBR because of their passages...I wouldn't recommend using only TBR for content review (at least not for the GChem and Physics), they are a bit too vague, and you would need to supplement it with other content review material (TPR for content review is fine)...

EK 1001, while good for understanding the basics, is not too similar to the MCAT and practicing with passage based questions is the best way to prepare... I ordered TBR GChem and Physics books only for the passages after having done content review and EK 1001... Helped me a lot... After EK 1001 problems I thought that I understood everything but TBR passages made me think twice... EK is good for Bio

If you order TBR books now it will take about a month for them to get to you, so plan accordingly. You should start your content review regardless of whether you have the books or not.. Also, order with your credit card.. thats the fastest way..

hope that helps..

best of luck