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Mar 28, 2009
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Hey all,
I have TBR written tests I-VIII. They are a bit outdated, as Verbal has 65 questions. I have heard that TBR is tougher, and that the verbal is not that great - are they still good enough to use? Should I skip TBR's verbal section and do an EK 101 section instead?

Also, when you guys do practice tests, do you skip the writing section altogether? For instance, with the AAMC tests, do you bother with the writing section at all? I know writing will be a weak point on my test. I was thinking about doing most of TBR's FL's (since they're free) with 2-3 AAMCs.. this a good plan?

Thanks for any help - and sorry for all the questions. This place has a wealth of knowledge so I figure I'd tap it :thumbup:


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Jun 27, 2007
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How outdated are they? I believe the BR FLs went through some major revisions.

About the writing section, it's a pain and you probably won't be able to grade it, yet you should still take it. You need to get used to how the whole test feels to build your endurance. It's also not a bad idea to hone your writing skills.
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