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    What are 3rd and 4th year like at TCOM? Is it possible to actually live in Houston or Austin during the 3rd and 4th year or are there lectures that you need to attend?

    Second topic, I was speaking with an official in the AOA and was told that Texas has the lowest number of students entering Osteopathic Residency programs. Is there a specific reason why TCOM students choose allopathic residencies over those in Ft. Worth and Corpus? It's pretty clear why you wouldn't want to go to Dallas and Groves. ;)

    Thanks in advance for any input that I get on these two topics. null :confused:
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    No, you need to live in the metroplex at least during your third-year as most of the rotations are in the DFW area. The main reason why so few TCOM students enter AOA-approved residencies is because there are so few AOA programs in Texas. And, TCOM students do very well matching at other ACGME-approved programs in Texas.

    I'm not from Texas originally, but most of my classmates had the strange idea that Texas is the best place on earth and would never leave. The majority of AOA-approved residencies are geographically located in the midwest and northeast. I've noticed that a lot of Texans are very uncomfortable with the idea of moving to the northeast...if even for a couple of years. Might miss out on something happening here! :D

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